Conversation with Our Galactic Family on Lions Gate

August 8th, 2019    Questions? Email us here 

So what is Lions Gate besides a bunch of 8s?

I didn’t know what to do on the 8th but knew I had to be something. One day I got a flash of Divine Interstellar family communication. OK, we’re going to have a conversation. They started listening right away.

At 8am on August 8th I started our official conversation. I talked about our experiences with the cabal and reptiles and our struggles to live in peace. It looks like our matrix is getting worse every day. Really our light is shining on and exposing some very dark places that have always been hiding. It’s hard to pretend we don’t see these atrocities. They are right in our face. We are shining so much light down here on earth that we can see some negative Federation infiltration. We can help.

We created our Star of Divine Governance to use on every kind of government we can think of. All you do is pick up your Sword of Laser Light that is laced with Compassion and Seeking Balance energy and blaze away the crap. You are welcome to use this Magnificent Transformational Star too. Any goodness is automatically absorbed by Gaia, expanded and made available instantly to everyone, everywhere.

I’m not going to tell you where to point. Whatever density you live in, just access Compassion, get inside yourself with your Star of Divine Governance Laser Light and flash into what you’ve been avoiding just because it seems OK. Look where you don’t think you need to look. We’ve been well trained by the Cabal and reptiles on sneaky places to look and we blaze Compassion where it is needed. Follow our lead.

And for the rest of humanity that might want to help with this clarity of forward action and disclosure by addressing the Alpha Centaurians, The United Federation of Planets, The Antarians, or? Send a note, a picture, a video, an mp3 or something I can easily post to a blog at www.grassrootshealing.org so the world has proof we are ready. Maintain your identity of inner strength and ask for assistance. Send your request to nikkid@lasqueti.ca

May we be a Magnificent Milky Way Galaxy Family.

I just received this discourse from the Arcturians.


The Star of Divine Governance

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