Are we ready for our family ET contact?

September 2nd, 2019    Questions? Email us here

For the last several decades many benevolent galaxy races have been observing our readiness for conversation. Originally these beings thought that we were being controlled and overpowered by invasive races. They found this is not the case. We, ourselves, are perpetuating the matrix we live in. It has become obvious that the problem is the earth’s population itself. Very few of us are evolved enough for mass or even individual contact.

The devious races, many of them reptilian (they all look human), have spent thousands of years patiently orchestrating a culture that traps people into believing that they cannot escape from being dominated by others and therefore must continue to live in situations beyond their control.  We’ve been erroneously taught that governments will only do good for us. Wrong! Governments only know how to lie to support their agenda. Governments are used secretly, to get us to think we are free when actually we are not. This information might be difficult for us to comprehend. We’d like things to be different but we end up having to work at several jobs just to survive and are worn out. We look for something outside ourselves to fix our problem. We’ve got to investigate the mind patterns we live in and think are so real and also be delighted to change them.

On this planet, when we originally were given consciousness, we were given biological multidimensional features that allow us to access the love of  the universe; we also were given duality and free choice to use to grow and anchor this consciousness into Gaia. It is time we looked inside ourselves and unburied our magnificence. We must allow our inner wisdom to blossom.

We continue to look for solutions outside ourselves. We expect somebody else to fix it for us (our governments, the extraterrestrials?). Our interstellar family cannot interfere with our freedom to choose. Yes we can ask for assistance and receive it but we must demonstrate our willingness to change.

There are so many different interstellar races on earth that have so many varied ideologies leading into confusion so it is tough to sort out what might be changed. Can we go inside ourselves and find some sanity? What does your soul wish to experience? It would be an absolute act of war for somebody else, any interstellar family or a local person, to do it for us. You nor I have the right to impose our concept on anyone or anything. The galactic federation can assist if we petition them but they are not our superior. If they do lend a hand, it is given in such a way as to not be seen as coming from off-planet. We must grow as a culture/race/individual or we will drop back into a similar vice or problem. Our dilemmas are generated by ourselves. We are encouraging the matrix as a collective. Life is a direct reflection of our inner selves. We do everything possible to avoid facing our subconscious. The true problem is earth’s population itself.

People do not bother to make the minimum effort to improve their lives. They always shield themselves behind the idea that they are creatures of something else that does not allow them do anything with their lives.. Yes they are victims, but what will they do about it? The very control races and secret societies of the earth are all generated and manipulated and maintained by the population of the earth itself. If we can make it happen, we also can undo it. In our benevolent universe there is nothing too small not to make a difference. Earth’s matrix value systems do not allow us to see the importance of positive and negative small acts. Pick up a worm on a hot sidewalk and move it to the grass. Can you do things like that?

Mentally we are regressive and dangerous. Individual compassionate activity is the way out of the earth’s matrix into ascension. The collective follows automatically. Earth’s population has the power to stop any situation by themselves. Many desire, but don’t see what could be done, or they desire it but are still comfortable habituating things that feed the matrix. This even goes for those who consider themselves awake. Look for what you can do today to improve your life with what you have at hand that you can use. Nothing is insignificant. We can remove what does not belong to us. This is our individual growth.

Ascension is not a collective humanitarian thing. It is an individual project. Humanity comes along for the ride.

Don’t believe anything I say. Please do your own research. Turn off the radio, the TV, eliminate junk food. GMOs, microwaving. Check out these links.


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