Our Galactic Family

August 6th, 2019    Questions? Email us here 

 Reference; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4dz725Xjec

There is a lot of very clear galactic information being released by Gosia from Barcelona, Spain. Recently it is being translated into English. I recommend going to youtube.com and asking for “cosmic agency’ to review the disclosures.

Our off-earth galactic family desires to know us and us to know them as an integral part of our community. Our consciousness came from the stars and we are starting to remember this universal orientation. You will find this information useful as it obviously comes from a heart/mind galactic source, specifically Prime Source.

'There are a lot of rapid changes happening on earth at the moment and this is a very direct way of obtaining and strengthening our family origins.
Find out about your DNA and that there is nothing wrong with it. Learn about how karma has been used to control us. Learn about our 3D matrix and the other mind control programs that have been slid inside it. Learn how to hold your Divine Authority in clarity so we can steer this matrix into the magnificence of One humanity.

Their space ship is now inside the Van Alen belt, 470 K from earth. They can actually see what is happening in our oceans right now.  Alpha Centaury is directing special forces operations in harmony with the Federation and Antaurians and reinforcing the in and out blockade of reptilian and cabal forces. Liberation must come from inside us. Their past experience with us shows that we can ask for assistance and receive it, but we must be empowered from within ourselves. We must demonstrate our inner strength as we ask for help.
Gosia and her friend receive this typed information from Swaruu and other Taygetian Pleiadians. Answers to their questions are delivered through youtube at present. If you really want to know, please follow up with them.

I recommend going to youtube.com and asking for “cosmic agency’ to review these disclosures.


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