Living Testimony in the Form of an Affidavit regarding banking affairs planet-wide.

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 Nikki Gail Darwin
444 Rat Portage Road  
Lasqueti Island, BC   
Canada V0R2J0  

 August  30th,    2018

Living Testimony in the Form of an Affidavit regarding banking affairs planet-wide.

Dear Banking Industry,
I am stepping into your comfort zone as I create this Living Testimony in the Form of an Affidavit to inform you of your transgressions towards humanity. Please understand that I offer abundant compassion for everyone in the industry, as the majority of banking employees are unaware that they are working for a fraudulent corporation that is doing harm to each and every one of us. I am, we are, blazing light on this disturbing information. Be aware that humanity is starting to take banks to court.  Please pass this information to your upper management. This is their opportunity to educate people to their true value. There is technology available, tested and ready for action, the Quantum Financial System. I know you have access to it. We are ready.

1.    Worldwide, when I and others are born, our parents are brain-w nativity. Your freedom is given away when you were an infant. Ever wonder why the government uses UPPER CASE letters to designate your name on all those contracts/registrations they insist you must have?

2.    Humanity has become an Entity that is used in huge financial business deals without our permission. Banks make enormous money blending groups of these Entities together for multinational business exchanges. Tell me, have you ever been paid?

3.    We are the original intended heir and grantor of our birth. We have secured interest in our accounts as original collateral. By contract we retain all rights and monetary benefits, private or public. We have a right to setoff. Humanity is becoming more and more apprised of banking misdeeds. Let’s deliver a way for people to access their finances with ease? This is a cure for the banking industry, of their thousands of transgressions that have been going on for thousands and thousands of years.

4.    Now that you are aware that we, humanity, are aware of your illegal activities, please save face by leading the banking industry into humanity’s financial magnificence. You can’t continue to use our money illegally. So, step out and be the trail blazer of this change! Or we’ll have to continue to educate you through prosecution, if that’s the way you want to do it; but it could get ugly. We know our rights. You can’t bury your errors anymore. There is too much light shining on these dark spots, rendering them blaringly obvious. It is time to take action.

5.    Humanity is not here to judge. We are communicating with absolute, highly-intentioned honesty, bathed in as much compassion as can be generated. We ask for justice for all and are seeking balance in all planetary finances.

6.    What a blessing for this earth! Banking that operate in integrity!

Sealed: Nikki Gail Darwin   this 30th day of the eighth month of the year Two-thousand and Eighteen this common era, on the land, in exclusive equity. Nikki Gail Darwin – Ucc1 – 308, First Managing Director of the Grassroots Healing Foundation

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