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Earth is finishing a 26,000 year cycle and transitioning into the next 26,000 rhythm. During the 36 year centering and transition period, Gaia’s magnetical energy is adjusting to reflect humanity’s raising consciousness and some of the old dark energy can no longer hide with the light shining on it making it very obvious. Humanity is demanding peace. You and I are the light and are illuminating every dark area we can find. We are changing life on earth. The dark is flopping around maliciously in its dying process. With this increased light we have a lot of previously inaccessible wisdom stored inside us that we can now access. As we go through this shift, we can teach our Cells, DNA and Innate to use this info. We can build a bridge from our current reality to our inner Akasha reservoir, where it is stored. You and I are building the how-to manual now. We are developing ways to access this internal info.

What is this earth doing here anyways? Could it be that it is a garden for growing consciousness? Maybe a group of us decided to form a Consciousness School? Could it be that we are creating a place for beings to learn to love each other? Maybe we can investigate our success in actualizing this possibility.
We have succeeded in anchoring enough consciousness that the magnetical energy of the planet has been able to shift in the last century, altering consciousness on earth and our jobs. Basically we have the same job, but we get to step back and review and adjust our operational plans. A lot of the things we have been furiously working for, are here now and we can start easily incorporating them for functional results. The grey area is no more. There is only light and absence of light (dark). You are either alive or pretending to be alive.

Do you remember in school when we had to memorize all the dates and where weaker countries had something that stronger countries wanted so they just fought their way in and took it? We were taught that this was life on earth; divide and conquer; don’t you dare forget it! This aggression is normal human behavior, don’t you know? We were forced to live in it and incessantly told it was natural.

As citizens of earth, we have repeated hundreds of lives here with the express purpose of anchoring consciousness into the earth. We have succeeded with stage one. Gaia has become very conscious and values our interaction with her as we do ours with her.

Every time we have been born, we came into a warring planet. Every one of our cells knows this. We went through the whole good guy, bad guy thing even becoming warriors, killing for consciousness. We tried out the whole shebang. I’m not attempting to say we are good or bad. I am just saying we put a tremendous effort into doing our job and getting it done however we could. We had fighting with each other so habitualized into our DNA, it overflowed into our cells each time we were born. We may not like it when it surfaces but we’ve been burying it under positive thoughts to get it out of sight. Many of us do not even know it is still there and think those muffled rumblings we have are a normal feeling of life. In every lifetime we have been either suffering or doing our best to avoid suffering. Whichever we choose only anchors suffering deeper into our DNA and related body parts. Can we live differently?

There are a few basics we can do to help ourselves. Our experiences from every lifetime are stored and now accessible. We used to have to die to get them saved (in our Akasha reservoir). Our Innate used to promote short lives so we could keep collecting this wisdom. Then we were reborn and had to start life all over again as a child without conscious access to this previously-learned wisdom. How frustrating! Since the physics of consciousness has done its magnetical upgrade, we can all teach ourselves to access this info directly, avoiding this dying process.

There is a lot more to this story but let’s start by dropping all karma and unfinished business from any lifetime right now. When you absolutely must know what’s going on inside your body you can muscle test yourself, find somebody to do it for you or find a medical intuitive. We can take charge of our body by becoming friends with our Cells, our DNA and our Innate Wisdom and asking them questions. No longer should we be ignoring them. Just before your cells divide there is a split second when they ask how to do it? same or different? They are excited to know what you want. We can develop innovative questions to access our internal.

Ask yourself. Who made “suffering”? “Dear Innate, Do I really need to suffer? Is it a god/source creation?” Not too likely, right? Well if man made it and god didn’t, why do I need it? Suffering comes from the dark era we have finally battled our way through with Light, thereby exposing it. Oh, there might be some dark era body habits still hanging around looking for something to do but why not allow them to lose their job!

Every day I say aloud to my Cells, my DNA, and my Innate wisdom; “I no longer accept what I have been doing ... suffering!  Dear Any Energy That is Around Me Right Now, I am proclaiming that from this point on, suffering is replaced with joy. Suffering is man-made not god-made! Goodbye to all dark habit patterns that came along with it.”

I am teaching all parts of myself spiritual common sense as I live in freedom from suffering. My blessings go to all of us who are experiencing the new changes.

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