My New Family

October 1st, 2017    Questions? Email us here 

As the dark ages slip away, true family is occurring. In the darker of the dark ages we had a variety of gods to worship for everything. There were good gods and evil ones that played entertaining games with each other and humanity. One day an Egyptian ruler decided we only had one god and we moved to more conscious monolithic culture.

Are you ready for another change? Do you realize there is a part of god inside you? There is no “one-god”. There are a bunch of them. As we become more conscious we realize we all have something in common, god inside us. We are gods! We are a god family. Each One of us is One of an infinite number of gods that together make universality function as a system called LOVE. This is the power of the universe. The creator has created intelligent design, a world full of gods, within our benevolent universe.

Do you have a fearful god within you? Or do you have a family member? It might be necessary to change our perceptions to look at this. As you vibrate higher, all the things that have been invisible in the lower suffering vibration are showing themselves and becoming useable in this, our new higher realm. The tools used to lay there, unused. We couldn’t even see them. We might have hoped they were there, but it took light to bring them into view. We have intensified Light on the earth. We now have longer life, and elimination of disease, for starters. This is the beginning of us being able to change our cellular structure by becoming friendly and talking with it. Before, only our stem cells knew how to repair disease. Now we can do it with conscious thought. Move into this new vibration and live there getting used to it. Feel your interdimensional family with its hands outstretched welcoming us on a journey that’s new to us all.

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