Humanity Offered a Change of Course

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Tidbits from the 165th Knowledge Seeker Workshop March 30, 2017

The international scientific knowingness, efficiently using plasma fields in the medical resurrection of health in humans and animals suffering from deadly dis-eases, and the agricultural proficiency rendering extremely hot or cold climates now productive, is attracting global attention.

Unfortunately the media is still controlled by greedy protagonists that do not want humanity to have the knowingness to make and use this technology for themselves. You must look for it within you.

Maybe this is a good thing for humanity to be experiencing, because everyone’s deep peaceful subconscious is bursting forward with knowing that there is more to life than the struggle, strife, and victimization that has been promoted to them as reality. This nonsense is forcing everyone out of their overactive mind (that is trying to figure out what is going on) into their heart. We realize we need to change, even though we have been taught that change is risky.

Yes, maybe a change to peace might be risky, but can you please tell me how? If you lived in a world where you knew every child had food to eat, would you feel that peace? What if the water was bringing its life force substance to the garden fields without dragging along pollution that eventually gets to our table and in our bodies? What if we could have a shower without spraying ourselves in chlorine and other so-called preservatives? What if we could realize we are living in community and experiencing the blessings of each other without having to maintain our separateness and competition with them? What if we could just allow our hearts to expand our awareness to include changes?

There is a solution. Emotions can be sorted out. We can work with Source rather than the aftermath that our conduct has created here on earth. Now that the science of plasma fields has been reawakened in us, it is not a matter of when and where can this goodness happen. It is a matter of how fast can we catch up.

The Universal Council has decided to introduce the videos of the first day of the Rome conference to humanity, so we can all see how the knowledge is here to rescue humanity and can be used right now. (As soon as these videos are available I will post them here) Cancer can be gone. All infections – gone! All dis-eases – gone! All we have to do is find the root of the gravitational & magnetical foundational misbalance and bring it into harmony with the tools you and I now use. We must look at our deep inner emotion and this allows us to move into space technology. This is a very great change for us, but one that we can do humanly.

(27:39) The Chinese have a saying, “Pain makes you think, thinking makes you wise, wisdom makes you rich! It is the same in space technology; touch your emotions to survive and immediately change in each different environment you enter.

As the soul is in charge of creation, physicality becomes irrelevant. You can change your body in a second. Man has to change according to the environment. There are no judges or courts in space. Becoming detached from the physicality part of this process contains the rapid evolution of man.  He must understand operation of the soul. The police force of the universe is the creative soul of man.

(58:15) Everything has a soul. Start to understand the emotional filter-making. Learn how to create a filter; how, where, and when? Ask the universe to give you the pleasure of seeing what it is that you desire (your XYZ). Slow down and get simple clarity involved. Ask for the pleasure of your XYZ. Adjust the emotional fields until you feel the pleasure of your XYZ. Maybe you move your body slightly to experience this. Now breathe in that essence from your environment. You are producing matter from fresh air. Ask your body to take what it needs through breathing. Why do you need to kill another plant or animal and eat them for food? Ask for food for your emotions. We don’t need to consume. Ask for new material that fits the present environment. This is fundamental space-age information. Man has made this prison of earth and accepted this prison. Know the path out of this prison. Recognize it through your inner emotion.

(2:16:07) Say you are thirsty. Then I move to a slight side position where I don’t feel thirsty anymore. This position is for water. Create the image of the emotion, then the body, through breathing will absorb the energy you need. For instance; I would like to have hot curry madras with rice. So I move to the position where I feel it. I feel it and then I receive the energy through breathing.

(2:22:44) Chewing is still necessary. We are living in the physicality we created here.

(1:52:08) Four sections of the heart relating to H, C, N, & O

Much more information in this Knowledge Seeker Workshop March 30, 2017 at  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INCEliDwC9k


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