Goodbye Cancer, HIV/AIDS and Malaria

October 22nd, 2016    Questions? Email us here

There are astounding results from the Ghana New Dawn Conference in Africa. Thank you to the magnificent, humble African Plasma Scientists for their breakthrough presentations in Plasma Technology.

The Ghana Atomic energy Commission has been actively confirming their knowledge and experience of plasma in the fields of health, water and land decontamination, balanced agriculture and power energy units through scientific documentation. The scientific studies completed are highly relished by all the governments of Africa.

National African TV is preparing to broadcast the plasma teachings on the healing aspects of Gans and how to make it as well as nanocoating and making Power Units for their houses and cars. Already many African schools are educating their children about plasma. Children accept plasma knowingness quite simply and willingly.

Ghana is spearheading an international 30-day cure for cancer. All it takes is for you to get there and arrange for your hospital time and pay the resultant finances. The beauty of this treatment is that the body can use the energy of the collapsed tumor in its healing process. The money you spend in Ghana will be used for further plasma research. Any HIV/AIDS can move out of your body too. Malaria can disappear as well. Ghana has become a pioneer in health research.

Thank you to the African military who have decided to work with this knowledge and their governments to bring peace and health to their people. Africa is ready for peace. Please remember. You and I do own 49% of the Keshe Foundation. Plasma technology is open-source. We can have peace. It is our birthright.

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