Cancer??? What else is possible?

October 6th, 2016    Questions? Email us here

Keshe Foundation has been granted full authorization and permission to undergo a clinical trial for injection of plasma technology within animal and human cancer cases. We have full authorization to produce and run clinical trials with a major university monitoring the production and establishing the first stage clinical trials. Results are expected within three weeks because there is already considerable authenticated background data. Researchers have completed toxicity tests and checked for any residue lingering during and after treatment and it is negative.

The results will be in the public domain and the next step is delivery of the material worldwide. This international acceptance won’t take long because of the nature of the product. It is a natural substance and part of our body structure, so no further delays are expected. Governments who accept these clinical trials will apply it internationally. If FDA and European health authorities require further documentation it will be supplied as the products are used by these global governments.

This is a huge step as we are entering the international arena in a powerful way where administrations realize that this technology has its own merits and immense possibilities. Life is changing. Peace is coming. We are entering the new age of space plasma technology.

Further information, KSW 140 is available here; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HKChR7GJjE

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