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Active duty police:

 “Together we can win our freedoms back!”

Editors Note: Druthers had the privilege of an in-depth interview with an active duty York Region Police Constable, Chris Vandenbos, who is here to represent Police On Guard. (POG) is a newly formed group made up primarily of active and retired Canadian police officers, of all ranks, who are demanding justice and truth. 

When was Police on Guard created and can you briefly explain by whom and why? 
“Police on Guard” (POG) was established in December 2020 as a direct result of the ongoing governmental breaches of the Canadian charter rights and freedoms, and their direction that the police shall enforce these unconstitutional measures. This caused internal unrest in myself and fellow POG founder, Matt Blacklaws, leading to us simultaneously reaching out to Ontario provincial MPP Randy Hillier, who has and continues to be vocal about his opposition to these same mandates and measures. Matt and I at the time were complete strangers but were put in contact with one another to discuss our thoughts surrounding these egregious breaches of the people’s charter rights. As a result, a social media page was created and an open letter was penned highlighting the most recent charter breach that had occurred when a young man was arrested and almost tasered for simply skating, on a rink, outside in Calgary. 
This letter immediately led to many more officers joining our movement, both active and retired, as well as Canada’s top constitutional lawyer, Rocco Galati, volunteering to represent our movement in taking our government and police chiefs to court over these mandates and measures. 

We hear that P.O.G. is being inundated with new officers joining the ranks. What kind of membership numbers have you been seeing? How many are retired vs active duty? 
The growth pattern of POG has been constantly on the incline. At first our membership was filled with a large majority of retired officers speaking out and joining us. However, as we have increased our messaging and made our mission statement clear, there have been so many active duty police officers joining the ranks we are having a hard time keeping up on getting them all vetted (to prove they are police and are active). It should also be noted that the variation of ranks within our movement is quite vast. From frontline constables all the way up to superintendents within various police services across Canada, we are well represented. 
Furthermore, we have active duty and retired military, corrections officers, sheriffs, border services, and fire fighters, all of whom have taken an oath and have joined in full support of our Mission Statement, “to win back the rights of Canadians”. 

It is clear there are mixed opinions among police when it comes to the enforcement of COVID regulations. Can you give us a sense of how many are displeased with the things they are being asked to do? 

It would be impossible for me to give a percentage or a number as to how many officers are against these measures. But what I can say is that Police On Guard have worked hard to keep a very close finger on the pulse within police services across Canada. 
At the beginning, there were few officers speaking out about the unconstitutional mandates and laws being handed down to the police to enforce. But, as time has gone on and we are seeing that the politicians themselves are not following their own rules, it has sparked conversations within the walls of police divisions. These conversations are now surrounding the legitimacy of the laws in the first place. 
Further to that, and this is emblematic of just how human police officers are, there is also a shift happening as a direct result of seeing the disenfranchised and impoverished people becoming more and more downtrodden due to these measures and laws. Businesses are being shuttered. Child suicide rates, substance abuse, domestic violence, alcohol abuse, and severe depression are all on the rise. 
As our politicians dine together on rooftop patios, visit their friends, or fly to desirable vacation destinations, the rest of Canada is left to suffer the consequences of their unconstitutional autocratic decisions that breach the Charter of Rights and Freedoms of Canadians. And that is unacceptable! 

We are seeing a lot of media-generated societal pressures, which ultimately pit the public and law enforcement against each other. With the rapidly growing mistrust of authority, how does P.O.G. envision a course correction to get us all back to unity? 
The best way for a course correction is to lead by example and speak out in truth. This is what Police On Guard is doing and will continue to do. 
The media today is consistently divisive. It is also consistently opinion-based, as a lot of the truth is being silenced. 
We truly hope that our actions, and leading by example, will lead to a sea of change across Canada, not just with our fellow officers who need to remember their oaths, but also with the public. We need to not be divided. We need to stand together. 
To our fellow officers across Canada, we humbly remind you that your oath is to protect the people. Their Charter rights of Canadians are guaranteed, and it is our job to uphold them. 

What kind of initiatives does Police On Guard have in the works? 

Police on Guard believes that it is best to be the boots on the ground as much as possible. To that end we are represented from coast to coast by member representatives that attend rallies and speak every weekend to encourage police and our fellow Canadians to join us, and to STAND ON GUARD. 
We have window placards available on our website for people to print off and put in their front window, to show their support and to take this stand with us. 

What is the end goal for Police on Guard? What would you consider the pinnacle of success? 

Our statement of claim is before the courts as we speak, and in the meantime, our objective is to get as many people in Canada to support our cause as we can. Together we can win this. 
Our end goal, and the pinnacle of success, is the full reinstatement of our fellow Canadian’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Period! 

What do you feel is the general sentiment towards the vaccine among active duty police? Will most take it or will most say no? 

When it comes to issues surrounding medicine, and vaccines, we defer to the experts. 
What we can say, however, is that informed consent is a right of the people. You have the right to know all the dangers surrounding any procedure, injection, or treatment, and to refuse any of the above if you choose to do so. 

We notice that POG doesn’t ask for donations. How are your initiatives funded? What can our readers do to support POG and its initiatives? 

Currently you can donate to our court process by attending www.constitutionalrightscentre.ca and click on “police action” to donate to support our case. 
We are also in the process of officially registering as a not-for-profit so that we can engage in selling merchandise to assist us in all the different various areas where financial assistance is needed. 

Can you leave our readers with a feeling of hope and inspiration? 

Canada has a rich history of prevailing in the face of adversity and evil. Our national anthem says it best: “Oh Canada, we stand on Guard For Thee”. We ask that our fellow Canadians stand on guard for thee with us. Make your voices heard, contact your elected representatives and voice your displeasures loudly but non violently, and stand strong. 
We here at Police On Guard made an oath to uphold the Constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms of all Canadians. This is not only our oath but this is our promise. And that is a promise we will keep. 

Together, we can win our freedoms back!

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