Go Trump or Go Lockdown

 October 20th 2020   Questions? Email us here

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 You realize of course that 150,000 celebrities and politicians and medical unprofessionals worldwide, have been arrested for their money laundering, human trafficking, murder and pedophilia, right?  Look out Canada. You think we have such a wonderful socialist country and refuse to look under the rug and realize that in Canada 137 children disappear each day. No! that can’t be possible. It is time you turn off the TV do some personal research and let your heart and mind coalese.
I want to put forward-moving beneficial information on this web site so we can create a better world, but why bother if you insist that what is going on in the shadows is conspiracy. For gods sake find out what is really going on so we can shine some light on this B…S and create a planet that we want to live on! We gotta take action. We gotta stand up and fight for good. Nobody is going to do it for us.

I have turned from conspiracy theorist to hard ass. Lets get moving.


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