Covid-19: EXPOSED

 October 20th 2020   Questions? Email us here


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“Covid-19: EXPOSED” will be released to the world for millions to watch on October 26th at 10AM EST!

It is a short 30-minute film in which the world-renowned pediatrician,

Dr. Lawrence Palevsky, reveals the scientifically-backed TRUTH regarding the coronavirus.

In order to navigate through the censorship, I ask you all to SHARE this video and spread the word of the release date before the video is censored and/or deleted!


The film will be available to watch on my Instagram & YouTube among other platforms!

See https://www.jasonshurka.com/



Stands the code for Earth’s future. One world must leave and another will emerge.

But this is a matter of form. And form is a problem here, on this planet.

Our governments have accepted technology which advances the human race. For this they must appropriate and change our DNA. This endangers the human being; the survival of the human race; and the continuity of nature.

And the deal is “off.”

Meanwhile your own, superior, body technology is switching on. You are embodying more purity. You now have access to the gold frequency. Your DNA is upgrading your body. The very physical form of the human being is changing and voyaging on a completely different trajectory.

You are a satellite of light floating in a vast ocean of possibilities.

You have instructions within you, for these times, to take power.

The slave self, which was designed as part of your body, can no longer entrap you.

Your new body is emerging, which is a higher frequency than the advanced technology which seeks to destroy.

The future supports this higher vibration. Those who seek to implement the advanced technology will fail. And the influence of those who previously designed your body - who also shaped your societies, systems and structures of leadership - this too will all fall away.

Everything you know will break down and leave. Everything, including and even, the form of your own old body. You are growing the new world to come.

Be happy. Those who made your old body no longer hold sway. Those who seek to implement their life-harming technologies are less powerful than you.

Their worlds are imploding. You are witnessing their slow motion removal.

The tree is beautiful. She stands so majestically. She carries the anchor for the new physical world. Her job is done and now she is waiting to see ...

What will you create and make sure, happens?


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