CHANGE, Perhaps It Is Different?!?

April 15th, 2020   Questions? Email us here

Why is the first thing people say to me, “are you okay?”

Why wouldn’t I be okay?  Hasn’t anybody figured out yet that the media makes up stories and lies to us so we can continue to be the elite slaves? They  even get into the supposedly “true history records” and rework them so they can prove “they” are right. Surely people are starting to become aware of this!

Or maybe you don’t realize that the pharmaceutical giants are arm and arm with their vaccine developers and corrupt politicians who want vaccinations mandatory? Perhaps you don’t know about the nanobots and immune system debilitators they put in vaccines to keep us from realizing our potential as magnificent humans.

Why ask me if I have enough food? Has anybody ever said, “Oh look I’ve got an extra cup of beans for you.” If I can’t receive them, then it’s my receiving problem. Don’t I know someone I can pass them along to? Are you afraid you might have to say this?

And why do we do this “how are you doing thing?, to people that are recently bereaved? They’ve got a headstart on everyone in adjusting to change! Couldn’t our conversation take off in a different direction? Mentorship has a place in unity.

Personally I think it is too late for the elite, even though they are pulling out all the legaleeze they have established in worldwide societies and are throwing it at us to destroy the world, because they can’t have everything their way and they know they are done.

Humanity is waking up. Can we back up further, look at things from a higher dimension and see that Gaia is in the process of benevolent change. Oneness is something we have never experienced before on this planet. Perhaps it is different!

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