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Reference; What Will it Take to Get You to Shift?

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very interested in pursuing relationships with you as individuals because we are curious about the aspects of you that are also inside of us. We have been curious about humanity for so many reasons, including wondering exactly how you are going to manage with the energies of the shift in consciousness. As we get to know you individually, and see you as the unique aspects of Source you are, we get to know more about ourselves. We are especially interested in how you all react to being presented with higher frequency energies. You are being given the option to allow those energies into your fields, your chakras and your cells, and you also have the option of continuing on with what is familiar to you.

You have the option of continuing to run third-dimensional energies through you. They are still present, even though you’ve already shifted to the fourth dimension. They are available to you as options because you have free will. They are not going to be swept away for you, and we are curious to see what it will take for you to choose the higher frequency energies that have been made available to you, that are in fact around you at all times. Do you have to hit rock bottom, as many people suspect, to make positive change? Do you need to have a mind-blowing experience in order to choose something different, something that will ultimately be better for you? Do you have to have a health scare? Can another person inspire you to choose the higher frequency energies?

It is our hope that we can inspire you to do so. You choose by taking the high road, instead of engaging in the same argument that you’ve had several times with the same person. You choose by spending more time in nature and putting away your electronic devices. You choose by being true to yourself and the impulse that you have coming to you from within, rather than just doing what everyone expects you to do, or what your parents did.

You have that free will, and you are being nudged constantly to take advantage of the choice you have. You can choose that which is going to give you the best possible growth experience, or you can choose to remain where you are, treading water, and waiting for something to happen. We see many of you tuning in to predictions about what will happen, and far fewer of you tuning in to the higher frequency energies so that you can create what you want to experience.

That’s what we are here to nudge you into doing, and as we get to know you and what inspires you, we also get to know ourselves. We get to see you in us and recognize the times when we don’t choose the highest vibrational experience that we could. You are helping us as much as we are helping you, and we are very eager to see what happens when you do make the choice to open up more to the higher frequency energies and what it will take to get you do to so?

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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