Dr. Joe Dispenza

December 19th, 2019    Questions? Email us here

Dr. Joe Dispenza teaches neuroscience and human potential internationally. 


He shows you how to rewire your brain with scientific information so you can re-educate it and your neural network to create lasting changes in reconditioning your self to reflect what you want, as opposed to what is reflected from your past.

I am sharing a stunning 9 week course awith each individual session presented in day (11am-2 or 3) and evening (6pm-9 or 10) hours at JFC on Tuesday or Sunday (1:30-4 or 5:30pm). Let’s start Sunday Dec 29th and Dec 31st, and continue each week.

It is imperative that you experience all of the sessions as there is considerable scientific information to get clear on. If you cannot make any of the classes at JFC please contact me (text 250-240-4498 or nikkid@lasqueti.ca) and you can see it at my house on Rat Portage Road on Lasqueti Island. There is no charge for this.

To get the most from Dr. Joe, bring a friend to partner-learn this information.  

Check him out on youtube or here’s an interview. 
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Dr Joe

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