The Call to Action

September 26th, 2019    Questions? Email us here

The baloney that we are dealing with on our planet at its highest levels is international satanic pedophilia. The international satanic mafia has put everything in place to control the mass population as slaves for the international banking conglomerate, the pharmaceuticals, all governments, the educational system and the medical health systems.  

Juan O Saven We need more numbers

Trump UN address


Your children are being dumbed down with vaccines. Oh I know they say vaccines are to protect from dangerous diseases. Maybe they do that, or used to, but there is a way more submersive additive in them that brings recipients under satanic control. Everyone of us needs to recognize that we have, for too many decades, allowed the protective measures (the laws)  to be put into place to keep us safe from the bad guys. They are now firmly in place internationally, to force humanity into abject slavery.  We have to recognize that we are responsible for allowing this to happen.

We cannot expect politicians to correct this. It has to come from us, you and I. We must all, each of us do our little bit to affect change on our planet. It cannot come from outside us. We have to step up to the plate and take charge of our environment and each change a little bit of whatever we can. For far too long we have been totally unaware that our inaction made this mess.

If we cannot protect our children from this destruction we have lost control of life on this planet. Our children are being institutionalized. Children are being raked from their parents. Every town has an abortion clinic so that baby parts can be sold to the highest bidder. The evil in vaccines is real. Do you want to stay naïve? Step forward to be counted. Do not expect somebody else to fix this mess for you. You and I are the grassroots foundation for peace and justice on this planet. This means we must volunteer, yes volunteer now.

We  have misjudged the enemy. This is our catalyzing moment. A dog fight can go either way. Remember they are entrenched and have higher ground. We must exercise our discernment muscles. Pray for and with our neighbors. At the end of the day it is a numbers game. They’ve been getting away with their administrative law for so long that they claim to be right. We have dropped the ball by assuming somebody else will fix this for us. So far the financial elite have successfully thwarted our actions. They are now entrenched and have the upper ground with administrative law in their favor. This change must come from a grassroots level. Let’s pick a direction collectively and become group soul in action.

We can make a statement and hold our terms. If the elite don’t like it, let that be ok. We need to make noise. With group action we realize we are not alone. We don’t have to be magical, we can  just be good to life and start throwing stones.

They are not going to let us refuse to vaccinate our kids without a fight. They have administrative law in their favor. We can find a way to help through human services. Courts are administrative law and not part of the constitution.
This is the Catalyzing moment for the world. Hollywood and media are coordinating their actions against us. They are promoting their elite into sexual predators. Many are men hiding as women. Foreign co-conspirators are operating from foreign soils in our countries.

Some international governments have gone out on a ledge, and have picked a path. You must look under the media and this is getting harder and harder to do as the media is banning anything that might appear controversial. Take anything that comes into your experience and run with it until something else surfaces to use. We are blazing light everywhere and more and more darkness is being revealed.

This is a globalist plot. We are being subjected to taxation. The elite expect to hide out underground and come back in a 100 years and own the planet. It could be called the Stockholm syndrome.

At highest levels we are dealing with Satanists. They’re turning us into a hybrid of these invaders. When you slip evil into goodness it eventually becomes satanic. At the end of the day we still need more numbers of active good guys. What is it going to take in your neighborhood? We don’t know the nature of the evil we are dealing with. It is a true real evil that has our world in its grip? Hilary is the top witch. This crowd has almost got us locked in. Thank goodness Divine Grace is stepping in. Now we gotta get into action so this doesn’t take forever to get us into peace.

Let’s stop these evils being done in our name. You don’t have to be a Christian, a Je,w or a Moslem, just want good. They love skulls and blood and bones and snakes and death. They promote each other into positions of power. Are spirit cooking dinners really ok?

We are a nation of the world. People in these positions are unknowingly evil. What do you think pedophiles are made of?
Because you don’t think that way you don’t see how anyone else can think that way.  It’s time to wake up. It’s time to exercise our wings. Time to stand up and refuse to wait for somebody else to do it. We don’t need to be objectional. We can be funny. Hold our ground. Be seen, so others realize they are not alone.

At this point of decision, do you think you can’t stop them?
If citizens are informed they won’t pick the wrong lane. Give people room to wake up. People are worked into submission. The elite intent is to keep us so busy it prevents our ability to think clearly.

If you don’t believe this is true you must start paying attention. Turn off the media and listen. You are good. We can break free.


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