The 7 Holiday Gifts

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 I started my personal self-gifting week.I just couldn't figure out how I was going to just do nothing. So I picked something I really wanted to do for me during Day 6 and counted back from that Friday to find my start day. Today I am up to Day 3, Gaia Day! Today I have had a conversation with every part of Gaia I've been around. It talks. It smiles. It answers questions.  These parts even have a sense of humor.
I absolutely adore Gaia and Gaia absolutely adores me. I have to finish this off so it gets to you now and you can get started too.
I know, using my computer is a bit of a Day 3 stretch because it involves tracing every piece of plastic and every piece of metal, however modified back into its oneness.  I may be kidding myself and it is very important to me that I be moving forward into benevolent energy that I haven't learned how to drive in yet. I don't see any signposts. I have to feel my way along. If it feels good I can keep moving. I am learning to trust my feelings.

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Removing the Layers”. There are 7 of them, one for each day
1 recognize your spiritual authority
2 attaining resilience
3 restoring your will
4 step into your authenticity
5 feeling safety and security
6 breaking matrix patterns
7 acquiring a fresh perspective

The Seven Holiday Gifts

You are magnificent. You were born magnificent. This holiday season is for everyone including yourself. Different cultures take this break from life and appreciate decorations and lights, honoring of family, and undergo a season of giving. In India it is called Dually, the festival of lights and time of gifting to celebrate one another. Dually has special days to gift separate people. There is a day to honor your brother and give gifts to your brother; they have the same for your mother, your father and your sister.  All are unique days that honor your relatives. This is being encouraged as a new distinctive tradition called the Seven Holiday Gifts.
These are gifts you are gifting to yourself, to give to yourself. In all the cultures it is about you giving to others. This one is a bit of a challenge. This is about gifting yourself. As you follow these 7 steps and understand the instructions, your life will definitely change. You may find gifting yourself somewhat difficult. Some steps require you take a full day off. You’re going to have to really want to do this. The procedures may seem easy but they might not be, as you get into doing them. Some of them you just have to change your attitude and others you have to change the whole day. How important is it to give gifts to yourself? You may not be the same afterwards. Are you ready to improve your attitude toward gifting yourself. You were born magnificent!

Day One; The I Deserve It Day

This is the day you plan the other six. You might have to explain to your family a little bit of what you are doing. They might say, “why?” and you are going to tell them that you deserve it. Look in the mirror and say,
“I am gifting myself because I deserve it. I’ve worked hard. I’m going to give a gift to myself. A series of 7 things, all through the day.”
These are not just words, this is what you mean. This is how you are handling yourself through the day and all the drama, through all the stresses. Plan your next 6 days. Write your list for the Healing Day when you talk to your cells. Gift yourself gifts.

Day Two; No Stress Day

A day off. Away from everything. Only you know where that can be. No human interaction of any kind; no emails, texts? none. A place of solace, your choice, only nothing is allowed. When done with this day you are going to know what really causes you stress that you never knew before. Without stress you are going to feel soooo much better. When you realize what stress is for you, you have the opportunity to change it, don’t you? But if you simply repeat the same thing day after day there is no opportunity for you to examine what might be giving you stress. Be completely by yourself. If you have to explain to anyone say,
“I’m giving a gift to myself because I deserve it.”

Day 3; Gaia Day

This is another day off. How much do you love yourself?
“Yes, I deserve it. I’m giving myself another gift”.
This one is different. It is complete silence. You could go to a beach, a forest, drive somewhere?  Cannot talk to any human, but can speak as much as you want to plants, trees, earth, the waves, your kitchen. Converse with the sky. This is a rekindling of love for the planet. Of all the gifts you give yourself this is the one you may talk about the most, after you complete it.
The next 4 days you might find difficult as they are more esoteric. You are born magnificent. You are not a victim. You are in control of your own destiny, including things you were never told or taught.

Day 4; The Mastery Day

You can connect with cultural habits and move past them. It’s a beautiful time of giving and receiving. You are born magnificent. The challenge is to do this. Gifts from you to you, not to anyone else. Every gift is for you.
Many things will conspire to take you out of mastery, but you are born magnificent and with free choice you can go any direction you wish. What would a master be like all day long?  Not a master of the past, but a master of today. What will happen if you change your attitude just for one day. Wake up and say,
“I am magnificent. Everything that happens to me today I will see with the eyes of my higher self.  I will behave like a master will behave I will look for compassion and love in everything I see and experience. And every time I do it I’m gonna get a little younger. Because that is what compassion and love do.” They start to calm down the aging process, the cells love it”
You’ve heard doctors talk about the fact that those in stress don’t live long. Those with love and compassion tend to live a lot longer. Don’t take this day off. Do what you do every day. In traffic forget challenges, think about the driver. He may be having a bad day, just like you have bad days. Have no reaction. All you feel is mastery from inside your golden light. Those who irritate you the most at home, refuse to be irritated.
“This will not irritate me because I have mastery. I am magnificent in love “
Suddenly you realize they are just like you:  Doing the best they can with what they have. Put your golden light around them. Be in a golden orb with them.  Don’t be surprised if they feel it instantly. What a gift this will be for you if you change that irritableness. You are compassionate, silent and they see it in your eyes.
“I am magnificent beyond my culture”.
Do the same thing with everyone that irritates you, they’re doing best they can. You might be irritating them and do not even know it. Surround them in golden light. This is mastery.
In interactions where people are complaining about how things are, how things are going negativity, stay silent even if it’s not like you. They might eventually turn to you and ask, ‘How do you feel about this?” Pay attention. practice mastery. Share a truth about something that has happened to you.
“It’s taken a while, but I know it now. Dear friends, I found that when I complain I feel bad. Negative things upset me. I don’t enjoy my food, my legs hurt. Everything you’ve said is true. Every time I hear about these things I visualize them corrected. I visualize a solution on everything you’ve talked about .None of you are wrong but I’ve discovered I digest my food better and feel better if I visualize these things solved and that’s what I have learned about myself.
How can they argue about that? Simply talk about self. That’s mastery. Don’t make them feel bad. Give information into what you have discovered about you. There may be a “tell me more.” Think about situations and meditate before you go out the door.
Dear spirit this day I am a master. Dear spirit, bring to me the things that are gifts so I can walk through this day as a master.”

Day 5; Healing Day

Your cells are fully aware of what you say. This is proven by the science of epigenetics. Cells are influenced by what the consciousness and environment produce. What do you really say. This is a festival of giving, a holiday of gifting. Who are you really? If you look at society, your health and your age are a product of what they live in. Our media tells us how to be. It defines what is supposed to be wrong with you. What if you took control.  Wake up in the morning, say,
“I am magnificent. I was born magnificent. Cells I’m gonna talk to you today. I want you to listen.”
Then you start your list you started in Day One. Go through that list every hour.
“Cells listen up, here’s the list again.”
Tell them you are going to stop aging. Tell them they are healthy. “Too late”, you say, “I’ve already got a disease.” Is the disease part of your cells? No, it’s an invader, isn’t it? Tell your cells to get rid of it. Because the body knows how. The body knows how. Science may not know how, but the body does. There have been many remissions of disease through conscioiusness, through affirmations, the kind where you mean it. Don’t be surprised when you can feel it immediately. Headaches go away. Pain starts to go away. You start to feel healthy. What a gift! That’s the power of consciousness over biology. You are in control of yourselves. You’ve been told this before. If you don’t believe it, nothing will happen, because that innate part of your body knows if you really mean it. It not about making a list and saying it or reading it. It’s healing day where you finally do what you need to do to gift you the gift of health. That’s a magnificent gift.
That was number 5. If you follow Tibetan numerology you realize 5 is change. Do you see how Day 5 might change you? It’s the number of change. The result is change.

Number 6; The Me Day

I want you to think about what you want to do this day. It could be simple. It’s a gift for yourself that you want. It could be easy. It could be that I want to eat at a restaurant that I like instead of what somebody else likes. Today I am going to enjoy my favorite things. Today I am going to listen to music that I like, not what others like. This is your practical gift for yourself. What makes you feel good, that you’ve been kept from doing because of other things? I’m going to take time for the things that I want all day long. And again there will be those that say, “What is wrong with you?” And you can say nothing or
“I’m giving myself a gift. I’m doing what I want to do all day long cause I deserve it.”
You think that is something too simple? How long has it been since you have done that?
Light-Workers Take Notice
Compassionate light workers are designed, are designed to think about others. And so you constantly give away to others, ideas, energy, compassion, suggestions. How long has it been since you’ve eaten where you want to eat, no matter what your companions say, even if you must do it alone? You are going to enjoy that meal because it’s a gift for you, yourself.

Number 7; Angel Day

This is different. It’s not going to take long. It may be difficult to explain. You better be alone when you do this, with nobody watching. This is you. You’ve waited for this number 7, this divine finale. When you are alone, go to the middle of a quiet room. Evening would be best when there’s not much going on around you. And in that quietness raise your arms up high and say out loud,
“Angels in this room, I love you. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for being with me all my life. Thank you for laughing with me and crying with me”.
Feel the tingling in your arms when they say back to you, “thank you, I love you”. You’re going to feel it. You’ll know exactly what it is as you feel it. What a gift for you. Good solid communications with a realm you cannot see that knows who you are, and is always with you. These are the 7 gifts
You are magnificent. You might be thinking backwards on this, when you fall to your knees when an angel appears. Those angels are always present for you because you deserve their assistance. The human beings on this planet are magnificent and they are changing the consciousness energy here and angels are here as our spiritual support. Their hands are available to grasp our outstretched hands and assist through this transformation. How beautiful is this? Can you believe this is true? If you do these 7 gifts for yourself, I guarantee you are going to come away different. You might even consider doing it every year. This is the truth this day. Love is increased when you do these 7 steps. Compassion is easier to feel when you do these things. Mastery is easier to obtain, and you’re knowingness increases. This is the holiday gift. It is a festival of light. Let it shine in you. And so it is.


The Seven Gifts part one.mp4
The Seven Gifts part two.mp4

Has a special series of alchemical Violet Ray essence oils called “Removing the Layers”. There are 7 of them, one for each day
1 recognize your spiritual authority
2 attaining resilience
3 restoring your will
4 step into your authenticity
5 feeling safety and security
6 breaking matrix patterns
7 acquiring a fresh perspective

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