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October 9th, 2017    Questions? Email us here 

With the magnetical and gravitational conscious shifting that’s happening within Gaia and her humanity, everyone now has a personal direct phone-line to Source. You want it? You ask for it! You get it!  Yes, right now! We just have to open our eyes! We are so used to not getting what we are looking for, we habitually walk into that non-want, rather than look in a slightly different direction where our blessings are and the Light is.

Clarity is essential to us.  We refuse to judge anymore. We are sssssoooooo tired of seeing people get hurt. We don’t even want to hurt ourselves anymore. There is a rumbling inside letting us know that warlike actions and even warlike thoughts are out. Peace is in.

However there is a war going on between dark and light. The Light has won but the dark is dying and pops up in a wild rage every so often. If you wonder about the integrity of some exploits that are going on, shine your light there. Light is non-judgemental. Light is a conscious plasma life force field, always moving, and balancing life. I shine Light where I want to go and if there is any darkness there it becomes visible. If the dark hears me coming it might jump into another place of hiding but if I get to shine Light on darkness it has a choice to go or get dissolved. It has to be a very deep, quick choice! I ain’t waiting around anymore!

We have lived so many thousand lifetimes on this warring planet that warrior and victimhood is heavily etched into our bodies and passed on to further generations. We are used to doom and gloom. We expect it. If we slow down enough to look we can see that the peaceful gifts we have been working for, over those bazillion lifetimes, are here. Yes really here. Let us start using them. 

This takes some regular practice as we are birthing a new, inner communication transmission system for our blessings to get to us. Let’s guide our sored up force momentum where we really want it to go and give it a blast in the right direction so we don’t have a tsunami coming at us

We can become so in tune with Love and Compassion that there is absolutely no dark place left to go. Forcing our way around doesn’t work anymore, if it ever did? We are opening up a path of Ease and Glory 26 feet around us just by shining our personal who-we-are light. Now we can let our Light shine where we want to go and we can be there doing what we want immediately.
Everybody else can see what we are illuminating. There are no more secrets. Let your light shine! Life has got easy. It is sssssooooooo easy, you can almost miss it. Please don’t, because I want to play with all of you.

We have to be aware enough not to put our heart anywhere it can be stomped on. Spiritual mastery is on the horizon. This can mean learning to communicate with those inner parts of us that we’ve been taught to ignore. We are not victims of our crappy environment, nor do we have lousy DNA that is making us feel bad. The more we do, to resist, bury or fix anything like this, the more it hangs around, right? Even though these hang-arounds are an obvious nuisance, they are made as distractions to keep us from being aware of our inner life movement, that inner plasma life-flow.  All plasma wants to do is continually keep moving so life can stay in balance. Balance is motion. It’s very different from how we’ve been taught to think, feel and survive. We like to position something so that it doesn’t change and stays put so we can find it again next time we might need it. This is old stuff and is changing inside all of us.

Let’s take a look. We can become quiet enough that we allow our inner communication devices to blossom and shine. All this takes is exercising them. We are growing a new inner transmission system.

A great way to get going is to just do the first part that you understand of any endeavor or plasma project you choose to do. Get into a low gear. As you are doing this first step, the next one will show itself. Maybe you want to shift into second gear. Experiencing the flow of the life force energy as you do anything activates parts of yourself that have not been used before by you or your mind. 

This is our inner spiritual evolution, our own private Innernet, waking up. You are the boss of your life, not your mind. Let your voice be heard, and start emailing all parts of yourself. Question your innate wisdom. Is there is something you want to know about your health? Maybe you want to be younger? Maybe you want to learn to love yourself? Do you allow yourself to receive? Explore your options.

Once you’ve got clear on how you’d like to be, let your Cells know what you want. Invite your DNA to increase its activity. Delete any contracts, karma and unfinished business you’ve made in any lifetime. No more karma.

Allow yourself some regular meditation times where you audibly connect with your Cells, DNA, Innate and Akasha. Breathing in your audible intention-full sound waves, gets your wishes into your ears and into your bloodstream. Do this for a few days and you will be surprised how excited your Cells are that they are being noticed.

Here is an invocation I am using that I have been adjusting as I grow and learn since June 2017. I speak it aloud at least once a day.

The Akashic Wound, (2017) Retrieved from Kryon Teaches the Akashic Wound.mp3

Die and Come Back(2017) Retrieved from Kryon Die and Come Back 2017

My Miracle Invocation

Miracle. I thank you for being a tool in elevating the souls of everything in our Universe; and for bringing clarity, ease and focus as I open the door to Source and now live totally accessibly within the creative energy of compassion at all times. I love and honor my Akashic ancestors. When around prophets of doom I am shaping my speech to actualize a good future.

I am learning spiritual common sense as I live in freedom from suffering. I say to my Cells, my DNA, and my Innate wisdom; “I no longer accept what I have been doing ... suffering!  Dear Any Energy That is Around Me Right Now, I am proclaiming that from this point on, suffering is replaced with joy. Suffering is man-made not god-made! Goodbye to all dark habit patterns that came along with it”.

Holy Spirit Inside: I am changing the direction of my life as I eliminate aging. As captain of my body ship, I acknowledge and I thank you All; my Cells, my DNA and my Innate wisdom and everything else that would like to have  conscious fun moving forward in life with me. We are all One. We are building and strengthening the bridge from matter reality so I have reliable access to Akashic acuity. Together, Gaia, my Cells, my Innate, my DNA, and I are cleaning my Akasha reservoir of any negativity, focusing it into a delightful Akasha ego.

I am dropping all karma, contracts and unfinished business from every lifetime. Innate, I know you have stored the insights from all my past lives. I refuse to die to capture this intelligence anymore.  Please go directly to this wisdom, access it as needed and use my Genesis Cells so body youthfulness can happen quickly. I am body biological-age 39. Every Cell, DNA, Akasha, and Innate Wisdom is excited to have a part in reproducing younger, happy cells. I am compassion, flexibility, clarity, energy, focus, creativity, peace, finances, and I am clear eyesight and vision and I am comfortable with these changes as they are occurring.

Innate please slow down the intuitive flashes and teach me how to use them as opportune choices. Cells I know that your structure is partly multidimensional so I am now creating physicality with my mind. My DNA is at 100% activity. I am 100% DNA active.

I am self-love. The SELF-LOVE template has magnetically snapped together with my present one bringing benevolent activity into my life. Revealing my belief layer with DNA Light allows continuous new balancing. I am balance.

I am accepting ease and comfort at these continuing ever deeper levels of self-love and receiving. Thank you very, very much Miracle for your assistance. I love you.

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