Our Soul Enters Space Technology

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Cancer Blueprint Day is April 18th, 2017. At the Rome conference the Medical and Universal Council teams decided to share and transfer the full knowledge of the very positive cancer blueprint testing done in Tokyo, Japan. The whole process will be openly disclosed. Mehran Keshe asks us to take this information and barrage the medical and pharmaceutical professionals with it. The transfer of this full knowledge will be delivered to seven major pharmaceutical companies immediately. This is a game changer. Let us make this world cancer-free in exchange for world peace. It costs more to ship the cure than it does to make it. Listen to the Blueprint and make what you need yourself.

Because the president of Ghana has endorsed the plasma technology development in his country, the spaceship center will be named after him.

Her Excellency, Lisa McDonald is structuring change to the international course of teaching at KFSSI in cooperation with the Universal Council and Mr. Keshe.

(50:40) We are entering a new era in space technology. Our planetary human amino acids have a universal link to the universal amino acids which are our backbone.  These amino acids are in our DNA, RNA and every cell. We already have everything we need for space travel. All we need do is mature into it. Man can change his physicality as he wishes. He can move from universe to universe with his universal amino acid connection. It requires devotion and transparency, and finding peace within self.

The soul is made of the material of the earth so this is the amino acid connection link that has to change to universal amino acid. Change the Nitrogen through the wish and strength of the soul to anything you like. 
Now you have the connection link. Now you get to change the condition. Use the difference between elements in any shape or form to create the condition of life anywhere in the universe. The travel time is instantainious.

The knowledge of the universe is understanding the operation of the soul. The operation of the soul is the detachment from physicality.

Observe MRI pictures. You see the shape of the brain with a tiny hole in the center with no anchors or connection with the rest of the brain. That is the position of the soul. It’s detached from the physical but gives enough that at a given point it converts its energy to physical which by changing emotion and control of the physical gives the hand or the arm or the leg of the man.

(51:30) You have to find out the position of the soul and then find the strength of it. The only way to elevate the soul is at the point of death where the energy fields of totality of every single soul will go back into the brain of the man.

If you look every cell has a soul at the point of departure or change of the life. All these souls will gather to make the totality of the brain into plasma. But this plasma was made from the strength of the zinc and everything else to do with this planet. So for it to be whole you got to understand where it comes from. This is the beauty of creation. From now on, you don’t need to do anything but understand how you can change the behavior of the pattern which is the cornerstone of the life of man. And in that process you have to remember the amino acid which made your life itself was made through the interaction of the total field of all the levels of creation. It takes several billions of years of mans’ time to understand this knowledge and it gives to you freely. But it will take a long time for most people to comprehend and achieve it.

The reality is if you could understand the interaction of the phases that led to the creation of the amino acid of man, you come to one conclusion. I am the beginning. I am the end. In so many ways you become the beginning and you become the end and in so many ways, being the beginning is not the end and being the end is not the beginning.

The totality of the energy that you receive to create you at the point in combination will leave you to cross the borders of the universe. Now let’s see how powerful man is to give and see how much he fears his own demise and stops giving. The point you stop giving you’ll be manifested at that point because that’s where you want to be. So it’ll be a long time before man becomes so pure in the soul that will not allow the transparency of the soul become the fear of his own existence.  The more transparent you become the more power you have to give so you can go further in the line of creation. Man has spent millions of years and hasn’t managed to move from the farmhouse of the earth. Now if you understand many will start the journey. There is no need for reactors. There is no need for spaceships because the spaceship of man is the soul of man. I hope you understood. Any questions?

(1:34:17) Field strength of the Emotions

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