The Creation of the Two Halves of Man

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This is the architect digital rendition of the Ghana spaceship construction site, the International Research Center. There are instructions given for people who are planning to come to be part of the development.

Question; Does the gans get to the root of a problem within humanity rather than treating the symptoms?

Our attention should go into the depth of understanding whatever a problem is. The problem should be looked at from the beginning to the end, not half way that is done at the present time. We are dealing in the totality of the package not part of the package.

Question; If the sun is the soul of the solar system and its planets are its physical manifestation then what will be its emotions?

The emotions are the material from the span of the sun to the entity. What we call the point of transition from the start to the end. The points where there is a transition point. The emotion is like our brain. From what we know the soul is to our emotional part of the brain where at the end the strength of the emotion converts into the level of the emotion of the physicality where we call the points of the brain where the position of the hands and the fingers, where in that point the whole thing coverts into the arms and legs manifestation of physicality.

You have the soul. You have the emotional part then what is blocked or changed according to the emotion reaches the point of the finger where the operation of the finger is there. You see the emotion as it comes from the brain transfers the energy as it comes from the emotion reaches the point where the fingers are and there is no finger here. There is just energy motion. Let’s say your finger touches something hot. The information is not transferred the mechanical way through the neurosystem, so as the physicality transfers the understanding increases. We see that the physicality receives information partially on the physical neurosystem and partially in a different way that the material goes back up by fields more than nerves. The interaction of the emotion dictates the movement of the finger and then it’s too slow physically. We feel it we touch it, and we have to see what is the next step. We have to see how the next step is developed. When you have the same emotion goes
to upper arm somewhere here (see picture) from the finger. This has to coordinate with other movement. The whole information transfer of the whole physical end of the brain in the interaction with the emotion shows retraction of the finger or the hand or the arm. These are important because in these cases we see how the physicality has dictated the brain to manifest itself. We touched something very new today and this question lead us to it.

And that is it goes back to the fundamental teaching and everything else. The soul of the man starts as a plasma. What is interesting we have pictures here which bring up a lot of information.

When you look at the amino acid pictures that were made in a salt environment. Look at the shape, it is vitally important to understand this. We have different amino acids from zinc. But all in the condition of salt. These pictures will show you the knowledge of creation. They are spherical shape. These are the parts which have not touched the physicality of the structure of the body of the planet. You will see how these things add up and for the first time the human race will see why we take this shape on this planet. Why do we have different parts of the body on this planet? So if you look at it this looks like a plasma. This is a drop of amino acid. As we discussed we said that 90 drops makes one gram. So according to the scientific data that we know how many atoms are in one gram. You see the structure is made of millions of atoms. Trillions of atoms. And this is important that we see the structure. It is important that we understand what is and how it is. If you are born or life starts with the gaseous part of it, this is the shape we have. This is the shape of the body of the man. This is the shape of our brain structure. This is as long as the amino acid has not interacted in gravitational magnetic field levels with the physical part but in the salt solution. That is no minerals no other things added to it.

Look at the CuO amino acid picture

(1:07:22) If you look at the bottom pictures you will understand something very interesting. You can’t see the material in them. (1:10) some of you are starting to see what I am trying to explain.

The interesting part about this is that if you look at the physicality you see the amino acid. You see all the pictures are set in salt. So this is a condition when man came to point where life as an amino acid started. When it comes in touch with the copper, look at the zinc, if you look at the CO2; As the life has come in touch amino acid the physical part of the planet has dictated a change in the structure of the amino acid. 

Let me explain the why and how. As we know all our muscles are made of copper (middle pic) Our emotional part is connected to zinc. Interaction of clarity of the information carrier is the CO2. Have a look at an interesting point, which is this. Look at this line. There is no line with CO2. What does this mean? This means that when the amino acid, the brain part of the entity of the life the emotion and the soul in the center of this dot is 2 dimensional  In the center of this dot, because it is amino acid is whole there is a point pf reference. We’ve seen this video with dynamic cores. What is happening is now that the amino acid, the emotional physicality of the amino acid is created, in coming in touch with the physical part which is the copper, which is the main part of our muscles and everything else, the division in two parts (1:15:28) The division in two parts of this entity and this side has forced the division in the cell. And this is one of the reasons we have a split brain. The matter state of the planet has forced the 2 halves of the sphere of the brain within man. You see it with the amino acid too, of the zinc. You see with the line of CO2 that’s why it works with everything. Its total clarity and non-dimensional. So for the first time man can understand the creation of the two spheres; halfing the brain is forced due to the copper. Due to the physicality part you have two halves nearly the same.

If you look at all the structures you see a line of division. This is when it turns in the right way this becomes the half that fits into there. This initiates the structure of the change of the body to half of the brain and the other half of physicality.as we see it. So this is what I said in all the teaching. It’s the environment and the material at the point of destination that dictates the physicality manifestation of the entity. Now you see it for the first time. Now you understand why we have two half spherical shapes in our brain, why we operate with two legs and two arms. The content of the physicality has dictated that. The matter content of the physical part of this planet has dictated this.

That’s why a fish, a cat, a dog, any animal which goes through the path of the hemoglobin in interaction with the iron will follow this path. We’ll see this any time. This is why out of nowhere some rain comes and the fish comes and has two brains and kidney and the rest of it. It’s the automatic function of what is imbeded in the structure of the amino acid.

Go back to the teaching of last week where we spoke about the energy from the interaction of the sun and the earth which lead to the creation of the amino acid on this planet. Then the energy of the solar system with the galaxy which brings its own condition; Then in the future man will understand a very simple thing that part of this amino acid information belongs to the universe, to the galaxy and the rest.

So in our amino acid which is the creator of the structure of the backbone of beings on this planet, in conjunction with its physicality for the first time we understand why any creature which needs to exist on this planet has to follow the same pattern.

When you go to planet Zeus and your copper is not there and there is another element the shape of the physical part dictates the operation of the gaseous. For the first time maybe man understands why we are in this condition. And why we are 99% the same as each other. It’s the copper which primarily decides this process. Because our muscles tissues are made of it. It’s the split in the copper that has forced the split to bring the balance of the hemoglobin of the brain of the man in conjunction with the part with the amino acid which dictates the 2 half operation.

For you to go into deep space then you have to understand what is there. Can you replicate it? And before you get there, are you going to a ball party? You can’t just go to a ball in a bikini. You arrive in a ball with certain clothing.  You go and shop for it. So man in the coming time for the first time with these pictures can see how he should look when he arrives at a point of destination so he can survive the point of destination.

(1:21:26)This is important because any development, any progress, any shape or form of being in any point of the universe is dependent on what is available at that point; and how as part of the atmospheric environment, the gaseous or metallic or liquid entity man can respond to the environment. Now we see how little we know about our own creation.

If you look at the shape on top of all these pictures they all have a tip. They all follow the same shape. This is at the point of the soul of the matter state. This is commonly where the heart sits. This and all the fields that come up to it dictate what it gives in interaction to the center. The center of the physicality which is the heart of the man, fits into the center of the emotion which is the soul of the man. That‘s why you physically feel the emotion that you have inside you. These things are important. This is for the first time we can analyze the totality about the truth of creation not only on this planet but beyond. This is the first time we understand why we look this way  Why we all have to have 2 fins or wings or arms or 2 whatever legs or whatever. When we bring the atmospheric pressure that was to bring everything else into position only then will we see the total reality.

That man on the shape of creation on the amino acid connected to the matter state of iron has created hemoglobin with it. The interaction between the two, zinc and copper and because of the condition of the copper in the salt has created the physicality of the brain of the man. In fact we came as 1 plasma, an amino acid. In the upper atmosphere of this planet life exists. These amino acids are highly intellectual, can survive independent of bones or muscles. They have more intelligence than us who have gathered bones and muscles.
Man has two choices. He can detach himself from the physicality of the planet that releases his energy back into the original shape. This is the beauty when you understand the totality. Now we understand why we look, why we have a split in our structure of the brain and the body. And you have to understand you are looking at matter state but you have to look at the totality of the energy which these things create. This is important for us to understand because in understanding we can clear a lot of ambiguities which are in the world of science today.

If you look there is a point of energy release or is a point of control and we see the deadline; the real line between the two halfs. This separation sits very clear and this is why once the copper comes into operation it forces the split of the brain because of the field forces which it creates. Remember how the field forces work, this is the beauty with this. This is understanding the science of creation beyond the understanding of the present physical condition. And if you look all these have a tendency to split.

So what happens if we can describe it in more detail. Let’s say this creates with that, and this matches with this, and inevitably forces this condition. When it comes to vegetation which chooses magnesium and the spread of the whole thing is slightly different we see different shapes. There is a fundamental point here. Look at this. This is zinc oxide, there is the gravitational magnetic field pressure of the two oxygens which bends the fields. The copper itself is somewhere in this region. The field forces of oxygen are there and because of this if you look it creates this shape. These are field force matters these are not matter state matters.

(1:30:08) Rick question involving water?

So the water is a huge part of the dictator of the shape of the man. Now we know why we are the way we are. Whatever you bring to this planet to survive has to carry that property. That property, because of its division forces legs. And with it brings control of the two halfs, and if you look at this material inside, you will see something like this too, which is the bottom of the brain. Just look around and you will see that somewhere internally the two shapes will match. One part, the physical part and one part, the emotional part amino acid but connected to the field of the energy which has found one feeding the other through the blood. With the blood you have the combination of the metallic part and the gaseous part, both magnetic in their own condition, but in balance with each other they are equal and that creates the motion and fluidity of the matter.

Now take this a step further. Let’s go deeper into the knowledge of the vegetation (1:32:36)

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