Cancer International Clinical Trials and More

November 12th, 2016    Questions? Email us here

Cancer treatment clinical trials are to be underway internationally within the next two weeks. By doing the clinical trials at this government level, the data will be shared internationally and cannot be corrupted.
This cancer treatment is within a formal government structure that could be called “Medical Tourism”, where you will be staying in a hotel that is near a hospital in case it is needed. The doctor comes to the hotel and does the injections there. You will not be paying Keshe Foundation but will be funding the partnering governmental institution. It may cost 5,000 Euro.
The email contact to become part of the clinical trial is cancer@spaceshipinstitute.org.
During the Knowledge Seekers Workshop #146 was further refining of mans’ place in the universal community. Hemoglobin and the creation of amino acids was shown as the cornerstone of life in the oceans with the interaction of atmospheric gases with matter and then calcium to give structure.
Life is not just what we see. There is life in the upper levels which is intelligent too and it has structure. The plasma field strength relates to the center of the earth so that structure can take hold.
This structure does not need arms, legs or wings but it floats and exists in this environment. It is highly intelligent, more than man, more than plants and animals, but it does not stop there.
There is life above and below us. Man has been blind to the existence of the universal community. We are now learning about the continent of the universe. It’s like the discovering of the new world of America. Natives had full knowledge, and a viable social structure despite what we thought. We are now gaining new fruits and new friends.
All life, wherever it is, is precious and has to be respected. Life is not food we absorb and eat the way we have done on this planet. We talk about the 5 senses, touch, taste, seeing, hearing and smell. Now it is time to add another dimension which man was not aware of before. It is the sense of emotion and then you add another step, the soul which is the central control.
Man does not have to lose his legs or senses to be able to interact with the senses of his emotion. He can understand the deep senses that come from emotion. Now it is our choice to find the strength of each, our emotion and our soul and understand the reaction. Understanding all of the senses brings us into interaction and control of the soul which leads us into the source.
Further information at; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6BkF7QdSeA&list=PL6S-6M93qaWbh3dMytwWDUU6yZkjQyCmb

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