The Many Varieties of Hydrogen

November 6th, 2016    Questions? Email us here

On Nov 3, 2016 in the 144th Knowledge Seekers Workshop  Mr. Keshe talked about hydrogen as the cornerstone of every plasma system. He called it the fuel of the future and gave an in-depth understanding of H, H3 and H3 leading to tritium for our space travel reactors. Tritium as a gans plasma is like the gift into the universe. It releases a huge amount of energy. Now we are taught how to use it. The teaching was a review taken to a new depth. He explained the importance of the neutron and how it behaves plasmatically.

We will not need motors for rotation as we learn positioning and strength of the fields we are creating. We gained a deeper understanding of COHN, the building blocks of physicality and how imperative this understanding of amino acid is for the eradication of diseases.
Many of the same scientific things are called by different names which leads to confusion in understanding. As we fine-tune our production of plasma reactor units we start to notice the variants within the metals we use. Where in the world was the metal rolled or processed? This has an influence in the qualities of nanocoating and gans.

Use the tritium/hydrogen condition as a point of attracting the strength of the fields you need from the span of the universe. The energy level of the central line of every universe, like the proton, the electron and the neutron of the three hydrogens has a common element strength. This is the key to deep space travel in all dimensions of this universe.

Further explanation at KSW 144 at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yUE4MhJkaKc:

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