His Excellency, Alekz Egbaran

November 12th, 2016    Questions? Email us here

During the KSW #145, November 10, 2016, we were blessed with the presentation of Alekz Egbaran, His Excellency of the Earth Council for the continent of Africa. He is presently living in Nigeria and actively working with the local people rather than the country governments at the moment. His desire is to eliminate poverty worldwide. The present direct action of the Earth Council is to connect with the world leaders to announce their presence.

KF is expanding its cooperation with world governments. It is in the process of securing premises for flight testing that includes a laboratory for onsite testing of the emerging technology.
At an international level Medical Tourism is being established to facilitate the ability of diseased people to travel to the various countries where it is possible for their diseases to be balanced out of their bodies. Large numbers of people are waiting to move from cancer (and other specific ailments) into health.

Mr. Keshe went into great depth with the teachings today to expose a far more expanded knowledge. It requires re-listening because this knowledge is profound and difficult to hear by our minds. This teaching explored H (hydrogen), H2 (deuterium) and H3 (tritium). He is teaching us to back up and look at the structure and become observant of its totality. Your balanced intention is paramount in your experimentation to facilitate what you desire. It is up to you to decide how the Fields show themselves!

The solid state generators are being worked on. Specifically the issue is downsizing it to an applicable amount in a safe way.

Seed for Thought: GANS of the Emotion to STOP THE KILLING.
Maybe we need the GANS of UNITY.... How do we create that?

Follow-up information on KSW 145 at; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pZSg3C29LU&t=3s

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