Deep Change

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Deep Change

Reference; https://www.oraclegirl.org/


Until recently Earth has been in a section of the skies where it has been overshadowed by a predatory energy, drawing ever more influences of exactly the same kind. Because of previous events involving a takeover by negative high frequency beings, for many millennia, Earth has been forced to transit through a belt of high density energies which are now thinning and disappearing.
The Earth is taking up a new set of coordinates in the universe where there is no room for war, duplicity, corruption and lack of transparency. How did this change happen? It was the presence of YOU. Incarnating into the lifecycle of this planetary system, you have slowly brought the critical mass necessary to change the trajectory of Earth and move it into a high frequency.
Now we will go through times where, one way or another, what does not support, protect and uphold Nature’s principles, integrity and care will all be forced to leave. It is a one way street which will speed up inexorably to an ultimate conclusion. This is life in the fast lane, on the highway to Deep Change. Not one thing will remain within or without which does not belong … and for this journey, there are absolutely no seatbelts.
This purification track drives you even more strongly forward in the massive forces of change breaking up false realities. Move swiftly and decisively with the collective currents forging a new world out of new values which no longer support oppression, shutdown, and no truth. Cut decisively with everything which does not uphold and protect freedom, integrity and human care. Make more, powerful, clear, and immediate choices with your resources, time, and money to cleanly cut off what you know has to end.

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