The COVID 19 Genocide by Claire Edwards

  November 17th, 2020   Questions? Email us here


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 “COVID-19” was long pre-planned in documents and simulation exercises emanating from the eugenicist Bill Gates and the Rockerfeller Foundation.
A platform with 200 detailed levels is provided by the World Economic Forum led by Klaus Schwab, a technocrat and promoter of transhumanism, in order to provide detailed instructions on how the “COVID-19” pandemic is to be used to implement a global monetary reset and digital currency, technocracy and totalitarian government worldwide under the guise of socialism and environmentalism, with China as the model, and enslave humanity through a sinister vaccine conspiracy.
Earlier attempts were made to engineer pandemics but none succeeded.
This time, the World Health Organization changed its pandemic criteria in advance so that it could declare a pandemic on spurious grounds….

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