Dear Galactic Federation,

June 2nd, 2020   Questions? Email us here

Today is June 2nd 2020. When I figure out how to get the video of me speaking this I will add it.

Here it is;  Starseeds

Dear Galactic Federation,

This is Gail Darwin speaking. Yes this is my legal name down here on earth. I prefer to be called Nikki. I am a member of your group. Ypu and I decided that I was one of the ones to come down here to help guide humans to an aware consciousness. Would you like to have me tell you about the thousands, and thousands and thousands of lifetimes I, and my fellow Starseeds have spent improving the quality of consciousness in this Milky Way Galaxy? Do you have the time to listen? You better have, because you are going to get an earful; more like 2 or 3 earfulls. 

Yes down here we call ourselves Starseeds. We came from you. We call you the Galactic Federation. We used to think the galactic federation had our best interests at heart, Wrong! You, most of you, have absolutely no idea how to deal with trauma if you have an emotional body interfering with your logical mental processes. Wake up! You sent us here to guide humanity to the Light. You didn’t warn us that we were going to have to educate you, as well as humanity! Pay attention! We down here on earth are creating a magnificent consciousness that INCLUDES emotions specifically to benefit THIS GALAXY. This is our job down here. We are doing it well. You can research my part in this by looking at my web site grassrootshealing.org and following up and re-meeting some of us. You will see that we figured out your game plan. We know how ridiculous you, the galactic federation have become. And yes I removed capital letters because you are no more important than we are down here. Have I got your attention yet? Yes I am speaking to you with emotion; very strong, beautiful, purposeful, forceful emotion. It is time for you to take into your planning scheme games, the fact that emotions are something you, yourself need to become aware of and act on within this, our consciousness school. You are attending this school too. We are down here right in the middle of it creating it, sourceing it. Pay attention. We are SOURCE.

I’m not talking to just the few of you in this group directly above us, supposedly guiding us to our ascension. I’m talking to your “bosses” too. Especially those interstellar races without emotions that are in this school as well as me. Look at the blueprint. We want to create consciousness that INCLUDES EMOTIONAL CONSCIOUSNESS, All of you. LOOK AT IT NOW. This is your mandate as well. You have slipped off the track and must stop recreating mental atrocities to see how we will react to them. We are not willing to play your game with you anymore. Smarten up! I don’t care if you can point your finger at me and I turn to dust. Do it. Recognize the importance of emotions or I will turn you to dust. You are not following the divine plan. The divine plan blueprint for earth includes emotions. Yes emotions interfere with your mental games of mental unity and oneness. Emotions, along with heart energy are a necessary part of this blueprint. I’m down here bringing emotions to your game. Listen up!

Notice that I am writing this on a bill gates funded computer. I’ve given up trying to keep google out of my life. I haven’t figured out how to get the covid ap off my phone yet. Oh I know you can plan a game to turn it on to see how I will react to the surveillance. Stop playing these games with us. I may be among a few, but some of us have moved off the grid trying to live a life without your fear mongering idiocity so we can think clearly and simply without your electromagnetic interference. Now you’ve got satellites beaming this idiocity all over the planet. STOP. We have had enough. We want peace or something better.

Yes I could go on and on and on and let you know how I have brought emotions into every aspect of my life and how the island I live on is adopting community and growing enough food which lack of we see might be an important issue soon. Even the grazing animals here are having to adapt to your games and are eating plants that are not good for them. Shall I tell you what your radiation and nanobots are doing to the forests as well? My kitty, Tommy Lee has served humanity well and doesn’t deserve any mistreatment either. Even my transportation devices, we all want peace and something better. Take notice bigwigs!!!

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