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2019 slams its doors for one last time. 

We wonder what else has ended. We peek at what is gestating.

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Division has escalated. In our most intimate definitions of ourselves, our sexual identity, there are new labels and additional lines drawn. Some say “This is ridiculous!” “This is so confusing!” “This is bad!” “This is a (fill in the blank) plot!” or “It’s about time.” Instead we might celebrate the possibilities this introduces. Options never before available are now out loud. These previously labeled and hidden possibilities today lie out in the open, exposed for a new generation to choose from.

We are One. We are not the same. This much is abundantly clear.

The massive force that is our singularity has propelled every option to the surface. We hate this. It’s loud and it feels weird; wrong even.

Welcome to multi-dimensionality – where you now confront every unusual possibility and potential choice. Soon you will embody them. For you and I have done them all. If not here and now, at some other where, during some other when.

How long before the shouting and pointing becomes self-directed?

Some would argue that it already has.
Insecurity and doubt raise voices and point fingers.

It must be so. It’s why we are here. To watch each other. To eventually see ourselves. From each perspective we are right. Snowflakes, Maga hats, yellow vests, Boomers, Millennials, Jewish, Christian and Muslim each carry truth and hold access to things we can all learn from.

Step away far enough and you’ll see both the ending and beginning. It’s a circle. Acceptance is birthed in embodiment.

Individually we are immersed in our self-discovery. Eventually this will yield self-love. Unconditional love. Agape.

Globally, it is the same. We first uncover what is hidden and then we embrace it. For we are One, and to reject that truth is a lethal act.

Yet, this is earth. Interjected in our planetary awakening there’s been a controlling & destructive element. This is also true and a part of the equation. It exists. It will not remain hidden during this self-examination. This is why exposure of it is enough. In the brilliant radiance of awareness, with its true motive revealed, we eliminate it. It cannot survive our collective light.

What’s happened here is a case of mistaken identity.  We each judge the other wrong. This leads to blame, indignation, hate and division. If we remain divided, we are conquered for sure.

Yet, who then does this “conquering”?

The truth is that neither “side”, but both – with their own weapons – destroy the host. There is a meme around that says “Never interrupt an enemy while they are in the process of destroying themselves”. This goes both ways. We’ve all been duped. All “enemies” will self-destruct in this process. Do you see?

The truth of our beginning and history will shock us all. There are surprises in store for you who sit on every side, regardless of how “woke” you may be.

This time now requires patience and gentility, for both self and “other”. Above all, be kind. Choose your words, posts and memes with great care. Maybe take a break from social media altogether. The real story takes place right where you are standing. This is the important place.

Every single transformation begins with you. It cannot be any other way. As you focus on acceptance and surround yourself with love, the whole world follows suit. It has no choice.

Now, with a massive broadcast signal, you initiate the prophesied shift in consciousness.

Love yourself.
You are the one you’ve been waiting for.
You have anchored the light.
It is done.

2020 hears you roar.

With so much love,

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