The Beautiful People

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Tidbits from the 169th Knowledge Seeker Workshop April 27th, 2017 at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SpIY3lgs-W0

The information in this workshop is important for us to understand so we can enter space travel and are able to adjust ourselves to whatever climatic environment we wish to enter into and be comfortable.

It is a great key to see this part of our physicality and understand it scientifically. We are looking at the difference in the structure of the various amino acids using copper which have to do with the tissue of physicality, and then with the surrounding environment and the skin of man, using sodium. In deep space we have to create the energy that corresponds to the environmental condition and strength with the salt within the structures’ environment as our soul and emotion interacts on the surface.

With these pictures we understand why we have salt layers within the three layers of the skin of man, and why when some skin care companies work with the salt in the three layers of the skin by changing the salt content they change the softness of the skin, the solidity and rigidity of the skin by just understanding the salt content. Interesting to see what happens if we start using calcium salt? Will we see the shape and structure of the bone of man? We are being shown by the scientists how different salts lead to different structures within the body.

Perhaps there is no creator. Man is created out of the condition of the environment of his existence. And if man understands this and has control over the emotional filtering through his soul, then he decides according to what salt he uses, in the environment where he arrives, what he needs to create to manifest himself at his current point of destination according to the environment. Don’t forget everything you see here is made of magnetic and gravitational field interaction and there is no solid salt matter even though it is accommodating field interaction.

(31:02) Through the control of emotion man on this planet can change his physicality.

We especially (32:31) see this with the beautiful people (schizophrenics).  The first and easiest thing they change is the color of their eyes. They absorb different light which brings different emotions, brings different personality and brings different characteristics. This is how the beautiful people operate in their life. They change to create whoever is present? During the conversation you see the color of their eyes change. They change the color of the skin, they change their odor, they change even the texture of whatever body they want to present. They do this especially if they want to change to a different sex.

Now it’s time for the world of science to go back to these people and see how they do it. Now schizophrenics are a source of knowledge and information for man to learn how to control his physicality through his emotion and through his soul. Now you see how much wrong we have done to these people for such a long time. We can learn from them!

Chamelions do it. They measure the field strength of the environment through the salt of their eyes and then they match it through their emotion with their skin. If they can do it, why can’t we do it?

Now that we have this knowledge we can soften the skin, we can change the color, and change the physicality of the muscle. It will be interesting for the scientists to give us more pictures of the amino acids so we can understand it more. Now we can understand the reality of our existence. (36:21)

Observe the eyes of a person. They may be different colors. They have changed the sodium field strength in their eyes. This is knowledge we already have. (39:43) Now that we enter space technology we have to understand this.

Follow the rest of this information at 169 KSW April 27th, 2017 at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SpIY3lgs-W0


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