Compassion as High Consciousness

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God is biased in love. 
  • You have to work for love
  • This means you must ask for it
  • You must choose it.
If god just assumed that you wanted love and gave it to you because it was a “good thing” you will be forfeiting your goodness, your sovereignty and  go back into slavery.
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Greetings dear ones. I am Kryon of magnetical service. My partner steps aside. Channeling is this way. It always uses the human being to speak. The human beings intellect, the knowledge, the culture and this is the vehicle that the messages are delivered through. It is honoring of humanity. It’s honoring the god inside and it’s not unusual. Channeling is very old. It has had many names. Even those who write down profound things that would later become scripture were channeling. And so look upon these things as normal. And now that this very process is in you as well. 

Let us speak of something. I want you to examine for a moment the reality of this message What is the reality?  Are you just attending a meeting? Listening to a man in a chair, or is there something else here? Is it possible that there is something personal? I want to tell you there is. You have free choice to discover it. 

You just heard the story of Michael Thomas and the 7 angels. Did you recognize yourself in any of it? Is it possible you have been brought here for a reason? Perhaps for this moment. There are those listening who are not in this room. It’s in your future when they listen, but it not in their future, it’s in their now. In a way you are sharing with the future right now. I ask them the same question. Is it possible that they have been brought for a reason to these words, to this energy? A time when you would take the hand of god, just for a moment and forget your troubles just for a moment. And to sit in peace. I know you. I know you. Old soul.

The very idea of what a soul is, is not understood by you. Souls existed before humanity; way before humanity. The soul is the core essence of god in you. All of you carry it. The soul is who I know and the soul does not have a name like you have. It has an energy of light. I see your name in light. Do you know how many lifetimes you’ve had here? Some of you go back to the beginning. You will be here until the end. The end is very far away. You will be finished by then.
Many of you will have seeded yet another planet to do what yours is doing now. Some of you will incarnate on that planet as well. How old are you? The same soul will go there as well as was here. We watched this galaxy form, together.  I know you. 

There are some things we have not spoken of. We’ll call them ‘new’. We do this in the energy of love and we also do it with compassion. Compassion is the highest form of consciousness to a human. Compassion is greater than love. Love manifests compassion. Compassion is the maturity of love.

I would like to introduce you to four kinds of compassion. These kinds of compassion will comprise the new earth and they are different from what you think. We used the number 4, which is going to replace the number 3.  Not just because it’s the next number, but because it represents the new energy, balance, an alliance with Gaia, a return to the wisdom of the past.  The 4 elements of compassion. These are not things that you should do. These are things that are going to happen. These happen with a higher consciousness. They are a natural evolution of what is next for humanity.

Let us pass over what is happening on the planet today. We discussed this in many channels. We told you about the darkness that is on the planet now. We told you to expect it that there would be a revelation of darkness in these times for 1 reason only; because the light is winning and when the light wins, the darkness, shall we say, is afraid and it will come forward in ways to frighten you. We’re going to skip all that. Go to a planet that is done with this. A planet which has peace on earth. Let me tell you something. Peace on earth is not that difficult.  When the dark energy starts to diminish and light starts to take its place, higher consciousness creates peace on earth.

You’ll wake up one day and realize you haven’t had a war in 100 years. Peace on earth. It’s not that hard.  It has to do with tolerance and understanding. That is intuitive for high consciousness. It’s not magic.  It happens by itself with spiritual maturity and evolution of consciousness thought.

I want to share 4 attributes of consciousness.  The first compassion you would have on a scale of high to low. Humans love those kinds of scales. You want to know what’s highest, what most important. So we’ll give it to you.

The first compassion is for self. It has to be, it is the compassion of god in you. This is what changes who you are.  Compassion for self is the one that people see as god in you. Have you heard before that it must start with you?  You cannot spread yourself around and send compassion other places until there is compassion for self. It may seem to be an odd concept. Compassion is not ego. Compassion is the highest energy possible manifested by love. The masters who walked the planet this is the attribute they had that you liked. You saw it when they wept in front of you. They had compassion for what was inside them. The love of god. As consciousness becomes higher as you move to new levels of efficiency. All compassion will increase. Increased compassion even solves unsolvable issues. 

Listen to this. Compassion for self causes healing inside. There is no greater energy for healing than compassion. You have compassion for your own body. You look at the cells within your own body and see them as god does, Did you know that consciousness has the power to cure disease, your own disease? Life spans can triple with a compassionate consciousness. That’s why it has to start with self.

The next one is very different. It is time for humanity to begin to reclaim what they had. In the early days when those on the planet understood more, before humanity changed it through modern thought, there was a respect for the ancestors. How much do you think of your ancestors today? If you are indigenous listening to this, you can take a break cause you already know exactly what I’m going to say. The indigenous understand who the ancestors are. We have said repeatedly you are your own ancestors, so when you have compassion for the ancestors exactly who are you talking to? You are honoring your own lives. The ones who have been here before, who set the template of compassion and love. And carry the wisdom of the earth, they’re you. In modern culture it is never even thought of. In your organized religion where you will find god and have beautiful spiritual attributes, you never talk about the ancestors. They’re not even mentioned.  It’s about the master. It’s about the prophets. It’s about the saints, never about the ancestors. It is time to have compassion for the ancestors. Start including them in your meditations.

I want you to listen to the prayers of the indigenous, and the ceremonies of the indigenous, I don’t want you to repeat them. I just want you to listen. What is the structure of importance? They honor the ancestors first. Humanity will start to recover this wisdom. It’s gonna come naturally. It will step apart from what has been, that is difficult to imagine. It will be different from now. A higher consciousness will pull you back to the things that matter. So in order of importance, the second compassion is for the ancestors. Now think about it. It is very similar to the first one, which was compassion of self. This one is compassion for the ancestors many of whom used to be you. So really it is honoring yourselves again. Humanity will return to this. Why don’t you be one who starts now? You start your meditation honoring self, honoring ancestors, and the next one, the honoring of humanity. The god in you greets the god in them. The masters who walked the planet were compassionate with other people. They cared about every single one who came into their energy. They loved human beings, compassionately. And when they saw other humans in trouble they cried. They didn’t have to feel their pain but they had compassion for it. When humanity begins to be compassionate for one another, there can be no war. That’s a higher consciousness. So the third one is compassion for humans, Now that’s a test, is it not? Because you don’t necessarily want to be compassionate to everybody? Let us be honest, dear human I know who you are, I know human nature. In an old energy it is difficult to love everyone. Those who are in an old energy are hard to love. You see no redemption in them. You don’t see them getting any better. You may see them wallowing in drama. Hard to love. This is part of the first tests you have. It easy to have compassion for those who are compassionate. It is hard to see god in the bully, or the politician you don’t agree with, or perhaps the one in prison for killing somebody. They have a soul as well. This time around in their lives, perhaps not all is well. Can you see god in them? Compassion?

The last one. Very important was also lost with modern civilization. Compassion for Gaia. There is a personality with Gaia, Pachamama, This is manna, The indigenous know of the energy of Gaia. They see it as a partner. In human consciousness, it is. You cannot separate the energy of Gaia from human consciousness.  Gaia feeds you. Mother earth gives you oxygen. You live upon her surface. She is part of the consciousness of humanity. Right now gaia is fighting the darkness just like you are. We’ve set it before, The very outbreak of the disease ebola, has not happened before in this way has it? Not in the last 60 or 70 years has anything happened like this. The consciousness of Gaia has held it in place. And suddenly it’s here again. Like the plagues of the past. Gaia is fighting the darkness like you are fighting the darkness. Low consciousness on the planet right now is fighting light. Gaia is in the fight with you. And you will win, you will win meanwhile how much fear is generated. How many of you will give up? The darkness hopes you all will. Compassion for Gaia is compassion for self. 

It is a circle, dear one. Everything I have mentioned really turns on itself, does it not? For humans love others as you love yourself. Treat others as you would treat yourself. Does this sound familiar? This is the compassion instructions from the masters. It represents a new human being. A new kind of balance on the planet. It is time for you to be including the ancestors and Gaia. And not just other human beings. This is the new balance. A compassionate balance, moving toward the four. The four, the four represents a structure you have not had before, where the planet is included. Spiritual common sense and the revelation of truth. That’s the future.

Now, we begin to close this message. What does this mean to you? Why am I telling you about a future you may not see? Because you will see it. I am planting seeds today. Dear ones it doesn’t matter how old you are you listen to this. There will come a time again when you will pass again through the veil. You will be born again on this planet. And when you open your eyes, in that new energy, you will remember who you are. You will have a greater consciousness of light. You will carry the intuition not to make the same mistakes again. You will find yourself on the edge of exactly what I have described. The darkness, that battle will be over. And the next thing that you will be doing is helping humanity develop the 4 compassions. That’s why I am talking about it. Cause you’re going to experience it. How do I know these things? They are the potentials of humanity. Oh but more than that we’ve watched the process before. Some of you have been part of the process before. On other planets going through this energy shift I want you to remember this In this right now, this energy. In this I want you to remember that you are victorious. I want you to remember that the darkness is temporary. Do not despair. This is temporary. This is the test. We talked about it we told you it was coming as soon as you passed the marker of 20/12. And started the highest consciousness the earth has ever seen. That’s what we want you to carry away from here. I know you. Leave differently than you came and so it is.
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