The Recipe for Eradicating Wuhan Coronavirus

February 1st 2020   Questions? Email us here

Gaia has been infected with a dangerous bio-weapon. Corona virus is designed to get the worlds’ attention at every level. I’m sure a vaccine has been developed during this incubation process, which will assist in bringing down the global economy.
In space exploration we learned viruses are a thing to be concerned with when we are off earth. Scientists finally understand how viruses can be so devastating. A virus is like an energy pack that attaches to a cell and drains the energy from the cell weakening it, causing death of the cell.
In space plasma technology we were taught a simple solution that we can make in our own kitchens. I learned how to do this from a barber, who used his London apartment kitchen as a lab.
The rather impolite media and global elites have made it difficult for us to use and publicize this space plasma technology. We have been taught how to use this quantum field in agriculture, earth cleanup, food production, energy, travel on earth as well as outer space and in health and medical arenas. Let’s now focus on eradicating the virus.

copper wire
cutting pliers
blowtorch or gas stove
an old battery
electrical tape

1.    Take a piece of copper wire, 8-12 inches long. (a) Hold it with pliers and heat it slowly from end to end, allowing it to get red hot as you move along heating it slowly. It will become black. This is called nano-coating. (b) When cool wrap it around a pencil tightly and slip it off so it looks like a spring. Make a loop at one end.

2.    Now take another piece of copper wire and wrap it around a pencil to make another coiled spring with a loop at one end. Do not nano-coat it.

3.    Cut yourself a piece of zinc about 1 inch wide and 6 inches long and bend over one end to make a loop (c)

4.    Prepare 3 copper wires each about 12 inches long. (d) Attach a wire securely to the loop end of the copper coil, one to the nano-coated coil and one to the zinc.

5.    Hook copper coil and zinc on opposite sides of a glass jar. Join the ends of the wire securely. Tape this joint to the positive end of an old battery. (e)

6.    Place a wire across the top of the jar. (f) Hook the nano-coated coil in the middle of it. Join this wire to the negative end of the battery. The only place any bits of metal touch is on the battery.

7.    Fill jar with salt water. (g) It will start to bubble as a light blue-green cloudy substance forms at the bottom of the jar over the next couple hours or days. Rinse (h)

8.    The cloudy solution at the bottom of the jar is the mother. You never use or drink it or discard it. You just use the clear water above it and add clean water to the mother to make more healing solution. It doesn’t lose value. You can reuse the original setup or give it to a friend so they can make their own healing liquid. (i)

To reduce the effect of any virus energy so healing can occur.
Dampen a spray mask to wear to lessen fever. Fill a spray bottle with this water. Wash your hands, scrub under your nails, wash your face regularly. Drink 2oz several times a day. (j)

(a) Use copper wherever you can find it. Perhaps there is a dead car that has some wiring or copper radiator, or a cord from a dead appliance, or you can buy some copper wire or sheets of copper. Just needs to be copper. You may need to scrape off some plastic to have bare wire.
(b) There are other ways to create nano-coating with fire and with caustic sodas and labs will do it for you for several thousand dollars. This is not necessary. Basically you are pop-corning the molecules, lifting the copper off the surface until they are 50,000 layers thick and the surface is very black.
(c) Zinc can be bought in a roll. Just cut a 1 inch strip 6 inches long. It is used on roofs to prevent moss from growing.
(d) If the wires are still plastic coated, you only have to take the plastic off the ends for connections.
(e) The positive of a battery is the end with the bump. Use your old batteries that have hardly any life left in them.
(f) The wire across the top of the jar is just to hold the nano-coated coil
(g) If you are near some clean ocean water use it. Otherwise add 50gms ordinary table salt to 1 liter of water.
(h) Clean the mother by pouring off or syringing out the top clear water. Fill the jar with the purest water you have and let the mother settle out. Keep rinsing until the water doesn’t taste salty any more, usually 4 or 5 times.
(i) Reuse the setup to make more healing water. You can reuse and reuse the mother to make buckets of healing water. Just add more water before you drink down to the mother. It is your lifelong supply.
(j) This water has only beneficial effects. It has been pharmaceutically authorized in Japan and China. You do not drink the mother. Only the clear fluid it produces. In place of a mask use a paper towel or breathe through a dampened piece of cloth.

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