Simultaneous Earthquakes

August 24, 2016 Questions? Email us here
Three continents, Central North America, Europe in Italy, and Asia experienced earthquakes of similar magnitudes at identical times. These quakes came from deeper in the earth than the tectonic crust. This shows that the floating of South America is underway and its inevitable break from North America is immanent.

As humanity has been given Open Source Plasma Technology it is imperative that we use it to prepare in assisting the millions of our brothers and sisters who Mr. Keshe says will be affected by this upcoming disaster. Millions of people could be dying. Millions of people could be injured. Millions of people could need potable water. Millions of people could be hungry. Millions of people could be homeless. Millions of people could be needing your expertise.

If plasma technology is new to you, please start learning about it now. Start nanocoating all the bits of copper you can find. There are many ways to find it and do this. Make as much CO2, CH3, CuO2, and ZnO2 GANS as you can. You only need a kitchen. You can do it outdoors. Here are some ways to proceed; http://www.naturallybetter.tv/how-to-make-gans-with-tech-wiz-jc-anderson/  and http://www.naturallybetter.tv/goddess-talk-keshe-gans-plasma-energy-workshop-kauai/  and http://www.naturallybetter.tv/gans-keshe-fee-energy-21st/  Even if you wonder how you are going to use this GANS, please make it and have it available for those who will be going into any potential disaster areas to help families who have lost their ability to help themselves.

This is not a scare tactic. This is a call to action. We can help each other. Plasma technology facilitates living much faster and easier than the matter world we are used to.

More information can be found here; http://livestream.com/KFSSI/events/5758705/videos/133882738?origin=stream_live&mixpanel_id=13e35137d94620-0056f352a-6916167e-1fa400-13e35137d959ea&acc_id=15403495&medium=email

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